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    What We Do

    We create fact-based, peer-sourced thought leadership content that provides unique market insights, benchmarks, and best practices for today’s busy professionals.


    In contrast to traditional analyst and research firms, we leverage the wisdom of the crowd through the world’s biggest online communities to create fact-based, peer-sourced and social-optimized content that resonates with today’s busy professionals.

    Upcoming Reports

    Here are our upcoming cybersecurity report topics. Please contact us now if you are interested in sponsoring a report (or if you would like to propose a different research topic).

    • Data Security & Encryption Report
    • Threat Monitoring, Detection & Response Report
    • Insider Threat Report
    • Cloud Security Report
    • Security Analytics Report
    • Application Security Report
    • BYOD & Mobile Security Report
    • IoT Security Report
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    Peer Sourced Insights

    Research confirms that people trust their peers over vendors or “traditional” expert sources. This is why our research and marketing solutions tap into the wisdom of the crowd, gathered in the world’s largest online communities attracting the most active and forward-thinking professionals.

    Unique & Original Content

    Our content is based on primary research, using a proprietary peer-based methodology. This approach ensures fact-based, original and compelling content you wont find anywhere else.

    Rapid Time to Market

    Our peer-based research process is designed to accelerate time to market and dramatically reduce production time by 30% compared to traditional research. The result: Our research findings are a real-time reflection of dynamic market trends. And our clients get faster results that quickly translate into sales-ready leads and awareness.

    Massive Reach

    Our content is distributed to your target audience through a comprehensive network of owned, earned and paid media channels and platforms. Content is purpose-built to encourage massive social sharing to further amplify reach of your brand.

    Popular Content Formats

    To better suit everyone’s content preferences, and to maximize content consumption, our core research content is available in a variety of popular online formats. This includes popular content formats such as infographics, ebooks, presentation slides, webinars, blog posts, white papers, explainer videos, and more.



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    Research Updates

    Sign up for research updates and to receive the latest studies
    from Crowd Research Partners!