Threat Hunting Report


The Threat Hunting Report is the result of comprehensive research in partnership with the 350,000+ member Information Security Community on LinkedIn to explore the next step in the evolution of the modern Security Operations Center (SOC) to combat an increasing array of sophisticated threats that evade existing security defenses.

Download this unique report to learn about the latest trends and benchmarks on the current state of threat hunting, and learn about key challenges for SOCs, threat hunting adoption, benefits of threat hunting, and best practices.

Key Findings
  • Respondents state that the frequency of security threats their organizations are facing increased significantly. Over 80% of respondents say threats have at least doubled in the past year. Based on the current trend, the number of advanced and emerging threats will continue to outpace the capabilities and staffing of orgnizations to handle those threats.
  • Threat hunting is becoming a top security initiative for many organizations. However, the inability to detect advanced threats and find expert security staff to assist with threat mitigation are the top two challenges SOCs are facing. As a result, about four in five respondents stated their SOC does not spend enough time searching for emerging and advanced threats.
  • The main benefits of threat hunting platforms include improved detection of advanced threats, creating new ways of finding threats, and reducing investigation time. Threat hunting platforms can cut in half the time spent to detect a threat, and it improves the average time to investigate and address a threat by 42%. Nearly half of respondents state that an investment in a threat hunting platform pays for itself within a year given its ability to detect unknown, emerging and advanced threats.
  • Confidence in organizations’ ability to uncover advanced threats is low. Two-thirds of SOCs report that they are falling behind in terms of capabilities to address sophisticated threats. Confidence is further undercut by the increasing number of successful cyber attacks and the time it takes many organizations to detect and respond to a breach – many data breaches still have an average dwell time of 5 months.
  • Cybersecurity professionals who work with a threat hunting platform feel more appreciated, recognized, and valued by their organization. Virtually all respondents want to work for a SOC with lean-forward proactive security capabilities such as threat hunting, confirming the value respondents place on threat hunting capabilities to help them do their job more effectively.

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